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~Saving Pets Through Color

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Do you understand your pet? Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking? Do you know about your pet’s energy field and the things that you can do to bring your pet into a more balanced state of being by understanding their energy field?  What do the colors in your pet's electromagnetic energy field also known as an aura tell you about him/her? In an effort to help pet owners understand their pet on a deeper level, Dr. Kathleen L. Dixon through her non-profit organization Angels Of Life Miracles created the Chakra Pet Club™ (IG @chakrapetclub). Using Kirlian photography and biosensor technology, Dr. Kathleen can photograph the colors in your pet’s energy field. This process allows her to analyze and understand your pet, and teach you ways to support your pet to bring a more harmonious lifestyle to him/her.  An integral part of the Chakra Pet Club is to raise money through pet membership to support domestic animal rescues who are devoted to protecting, providing shelter, care, and adoption services to animals in need of loving homes*Details below. 

 ~ Chakra Pets saving pets through color.

How Pet Aura Photography "PAP" is Done

Dr. Kathleen will place your pet's paws on a biosensor which will read the animal's energy and produce an image on the computer screen of the electromagnetic field  (the aura)  and the colors in the field.  A photograph is then taken, printed, and emailed and an analysis given.  (See Chakra Pets and Their Aura Video Below )

What is included in the analysis?

The analysis will explain the colors in your pet's energy/aura field.  We will talk about what is out of balance with your pet and remedies that can facilitate bringing the animal into a more balanced state of being. 

Your Support Matters

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for many animals that are living in rescues.  Your generous donation will fund our mission*.  (see below how donations are distributed)

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pet OWNER aura photography "POAP" WITH ENERGY ANALYSIS


 This service allows you to see your electromagnetic energy field (aka as aura) live in 3D using state of the art technology to assist you in understanding your aura and gain personal insight into your body, mind, and spirit. Service Includes analysis aura, a 14-page report,  and a photograph of your aura.  You can compare your aura with your pet's aura. 

Chakra Pets and their auras

This video depicts some of the Chakra Pets and the photographs of their colorful and beautiful aura energy fields.  

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*How Donations are Distributed

*Each quarter a rescue will be selected, and a portion of each club member’s fee will go to that rescue in the name of the pet owner and the pet. After your donation or scheduling of an appointment, please join the email list on the website, to be notified when a rescue is selected and the amount of the donation from the Chakra Pet Club and its furry lovable members for that quarter. Suggestions for rescue facilities are appreciated. 

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